About us

Onyx Rehabilitation Ltd was Established in September 2019. The owner having worked many years in the role of Rehabilitation Case Manager and has established her own company to utilize the quality experience gained.

Onyx’s mission is to provide a quality rehabilitation service that puts the interests of the injured person first.

Onyx Rehabilitation wants to remain relevant to all the clients we support and be an integral part of their rehabilitation solution. We are an organisation that recognises and supports differences at every level including minority communities such as race, sexuality, gender, disability, and age.

Please explore our site for detailed information about Onyx Rehabilitation and the services we provide.

Case management

Ongoing case management to provide support and cost-effective treatment in order to assist individuals, who have suffered a personal injury back to work and a preinjury lifestyle.


MSK stands for Musculoskeletal.

The MSK Clinic assists people with musculoskeletal pain, injury or illness. Our aim is to help people to maintain their health and fitness, recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercise, movement and therapy.